Acne Prone Skin Care kit

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Brightening Honey & Lime Cleanser

The Brightening Honey and Lime Cleanser carefully removes dirt and oil while fighting existing and potential breakouts. Potent natural extracts work directly in the pores to reduce acne-inducing bacteria, and leave skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and refreshed.

 This 8 fl oz bottle of our Brightening Honey & Lime Cleanser ensures simple application.


Cocoa Pod Ashes
Plantain Skins Ashes
Sopified oils
Lime Essential Oil


Apply an even layer to damp skin and massage into the targeted area. Allow to sit on skin for at least one minute, or up to five minutes if desired. Rinse thoroughly with water and follow with the All-In-One Brilliance Facial Elixir. For best results, use the product one or two times a day. This product is for external use only; avoid contact with eyes and minimize sun exposure, always wearing a sunscreen.



All-In-One Brilliance Facial Elixir

This All-In-One Brilliance Facial Elixir is lightweight, rapidly replenishes lifeless parched skin with hydration, instantly moisturizes and evens out skin tone. Facilitates skin to refine texture and reveal luminosity. Eliminates bacteria which causes acne and helps to diminish acne Scarring.


This All-In-One Brilliance Facial Elixir comes in a 10 ml amber roll-on bottle.


Grape seed oil
Coconut oil 
Tea tree
Pine needle


Apply the provided roller to the cleansed skin's surface, distributing a few small dots of facial oil. Then carefully press the oil onto the face or neck, no massage required. Recommended for nightly use.



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