Soothe My Skin Herbal Butter

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Our Soothe My Skin Herbal Butters have been known to aid in eczema relief. Our all-natural ingredients are gentle but effective in soothing the itchiness and eliminating the dryness that usually comes along with eczema. Some would even say, our products have healing properties. Our butter also helps in fading existing scarring marks. This product is ideal for children who are over the age of 1 year old and adults. This product should not be taken in place of prescribed medication by the doctor but can be paired with medication.
Raw Mango Butter OR Raw Shea Butter
| Beeswax| Organic Avocado oil | Pure Moringa Oil
Lavender Essential Oil | Patchouli Essential Oil | Peppermint Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil | Tea tree Essential Oil | Frankincense Essential Oil
How To Use: Apply dime size amount to flareup or dry areas on the skin. 

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